The community for fresh, vivid and innovative Car content encompassing a vast array of opinions related to the Automobile Universe.

We aim to deliver uncompromising thoughts channeled from within the inner Petrol head to express the relentless desire and passion for cars, the latest technological developments in the Industry and the opinions on various derivatives within this vast and magical realm

The Cold Start is a platform for us to not only convey our affection towards the essence of what a magnificent human creation an automotive masterpiece is but also to stress upon the sentiment attached with classic and elegant pieces that are a dying breed in this era of engineering breakthroughs. For us the true essence of raw and exhilarating performance is confined to the character of an automotive vessel that in its very core ideology is the closest object to having a life of its own. The sensation derived through a capable yet timeless machine cannot certainly be at par with newer iterations of that particular product as the replacements at times feel clinical and soulless in their existence. Although this diversified industry is evolving exponentially with increasing competition in technological advancements the poster icons now seem to be living on borrowed time. ThisĀ does notĀ necessarily hinder the passion or flare for newer line-ups as science provides breathtaking insights into making these machines efficient and even faster. We ,thus, aim to deliver the sentiments attached to the hero’s of the Automotive world while simultaneously focusing on latest and invigorating car content to keep the flame ignited.

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